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Anthony Nicholson, Value Stream Leader
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Meet: Anthony Nicholson, Value Stream Leader

At Sealed Air, celebrating our people and their accomplishments is a core part of our culture. In our “Meet: Our People” series, you’ll hear directly from our people across the globe on what it’s like working at SEE, and a little bit about them outside of work.

Where I’m located: Duncan, S.C., U.S.A.

Length of time with SEE: 4.5 years.

My workday consists of: A mix between interacting with leadership, helping to develop strategy and conquering the daily challenges of a diverse manufacturing operation.   

What I enjoy most about working at SEE is: I have had the opportunity to collaborate with team members on all levels and every corner of the globe.   

I feel passionate about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at SEE, because: The diversity seen among the colleagues I interact with every day is a testament to the culture of DEI that is engrained within SEE. Our DEI culture allows all colleagues to reach new levels of success based on their skill and work ethic.  

The core value that inspires me the most is Integrity because: Doing the
right thing is at the core of my personal values and it is great to work for an
organization with the same values. When we make decisions with integrity, we
will achieve the best outcome, even if at first we do not see it.   

Someone who is an important influence on my career is my mother because: Long before DEI was a corporate buzz word, my mother was climbing a career ladder not traditionally climbed by Black women. From very humble beginnings, my mother began a career 45 years ago with a private textile manufacturer as a secretary. Through her hard work and opportunities afforded to her by the company ownership, my mother obtained her college degree at the age of 41. She obtained this degree while working fulltime and taking care of her family – husband and three children. Not letting her gender or race stand in her way, she progressively moved through the company to her position today as the president of the family’s philanthropic foundation. 

Today, my mother has the privilege and opportunity to champion DEI within the non-profit and family foundation space. She often speaks to groups about why DEI and education are so important. She shares her personal story of growing up in rural South Carolina and openly shares about challenges she has faced as a Black woman in life and career. This is what influences me every day and makes DEI important to me.


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Jamie Nemeth is the Manager of Corporate Content and Campaigns at Sealed Air responsible for employee communications and content strategy for our diverse, global population. She works to keep our employees engaged and informed, and writes stories about our people, culture, and experiences.