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Original Design Manufacturing

Ship Healthcare Products Safely
With Sealed Air Protective Packaging

The process of manufacturing healthcare equipment is costly and complex. From lab and testing equipment to ultrasound machines, it’s critical that every product arrives at its destination safe from damage, clean and ready to use by medical professionals. We partner with ODMs to design custom packaging for healthcare that protects against damage and builds trust with your customers. 

Sealed Air has proven experience with package design for healthcare solutions of every size and complexity. 

SEALED AIR® brand Ethafoam is a fabricated foam that provides excellent cushioning protection against repeated impacts during transit.
SEALED AIR® brand Korrvu® retention and suspension packaging uses a strong, low-slip film to surround your products, protecting them from shock and vibration with excellent visibility.
SEALED AIR® brand Ethafoam can be custom-fabricated to fit every product's unique shape is offered in a variety of densities, colours and properties. 

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Custom Packaging Solutions for Healthcare

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SEALED AIR® Brand Ethafoam

Fabricated Foam Packaging Protects Sensitive ULT Freezers for Stirling Ultracold

With increasing demand for ultra-low temperature freezers to cool and store mRNA vaccines for COVID-19, Sealed Air used high-quality fabricated foam to design a packaging solution to safely ship critical medical equipment. 

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