AutoVac 86 Automated Rotary Vacuum Chamber System

CRYOVAC® brand

This intuitive rotary system is built from the legacy of our successful 8600 series. Designed as a highly flexible and productive vacuum packaging system, it is ideal for fresh beef, pork, lamb, poultry, ready-to-eat, processed meats and cheese.

  • Runs at speeds up to 30 PPM
  • 15-in full-colour user interface with real-time animation of the packaging process
  • Engineered for use in USDA-inspected meat and 3-A SSI dairy facilities

The AutoVac 86 is built to be resistant to the corrosive environment often found in food production and packaging rooms. Designed with ergonomics, safety, and hygiene in mind, it is easy to use, clean and maintain, and is engineered to be acceptable for use in USDA-inspected meat and 3-A SSI facilities.

  • Intelligent control system identifies issues and informs operators in real time
  • Automatically adapts production speeds to minimise wear, downtime and quality issues 
  • 15-in full-colour, high-resolution digital interface features real-time animation of the packaging process
  • Touchscreen designed for operation, diagnostics, and full line control from one location
  • Multilingual, intuitive display requires minimal training and experience
  • Safety guards help protect the operator while also making washdown easier and more ergonomic
  • Engineered to eliminate standing water
  • Quick-change seal bars are located on the platen for easy removal
  • Allows for fast, easy product changeover for optimum packaging flexibility
  • Runs at speeds up to 30 PPM
  • Stainless steel/UHMW materials used where direct food contact is expected; hygienic design makes cleaning easy and effective
  • Stainless steel frame and components compatible with ready-to-eat food standards
  • Efficient operation with only one worker
  • Bag size: Up to 45cm CRYOVAC® brand barrier bags

Ease of Use

AutoVac 86's multilingual touchscreen allows for a single operator to manage machine operations, perform maintenance, and monitor and control connected equipment from one location with minimal training or experience.

Operational Efficiency

Machine intelligence can optimise performance and ensure the highest levels of productivity, reducing rework with features like automatic fault handling, seal control and adaptive speed control.

Product Integrity

Designed to meet or exceed all government (FDA and USDA) guidelines for sanitation and safety requirements. Allows for fast product changeover for optimum packaging flexibility.

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