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SEE Advanced Maintenance Programme



The ability to operate efficiently is heavily dependent on equipment running smoothly. Lost documentation, cost-cutting measures and high employee turnover can easily lead to delayed or overlooked maintenance. If you wait until equipment fails to repair it, you’re likely losing critical production hours and risking unhappy customers.


The SEE Advanced Maintenance Programme (AMP) is a proactive, preventive maintenance plan designed to increase uptime, enhance performance, and improve efficiency for select equipment models in the SEE Automation portfolio.



Programme Features for Food Equipment

  • The SEE Advanced Maintenance Programme for food equipment is enabled by SEE Smart Link* technology, our proprietary connectivity solution that allows food processors to collect, store, analyse and share operating data
  • Developed and offered exclusively by Sealed Air, this secure, cloud-based platform collects, stores and analyses real-time production data that can be used for monitoring and process control
  • Data collected can also be used to improve efficiency and enhance performance against your custom metrics

SEE Smart Link Terms and Conditions

  • Regularly scheduled equipment audits
  • Equipment reconditioning
  • Catastrophic parts protection for rotaries
  • Complimentary installation and use of SEE Smart Link (currently only available for rotary vacuum chamber models

  • Affordable monthly service plan keeps maintenance costs steady
  • Reduced downtime as a result of fewer machine breakdowns
  • Minimised disruption in production schedules
  • Enhanced efficiency of equipment
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Service contracts available for machines that meet age condition requirements
  • Available for select CRYOVAC® brand rotary vacuum chamber machines, vertical form-fill-seal machines, and the BL75 bag loader


Program Features for Protective Equipment

  • The SEE Advanced Maintenance Programme for protective equipment is available for select models in the SEE Automation portfolio
  • Designed to reduce unplanned downtime, this programme offers the benefits of a preventative maintenance plan over a reactive maintenance plan

  • Regularly scheduled equipment audits
  • Base option available for all equipment models
  • Available emergency service coverage on select plans
  • Additional coverage options available for specified models

  • Reduced downtime as a result of fewer machine breakdowns
  • Increased customer satisfaction through timely and continuous production
  • Enhanced efficiency of equipment with reduced energy and labour costs
  • Improved performance helps determine new maintenance strategies to fit your operational needs
advanced maintenance programme

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