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KSE Wallbox EV charger
Customer Case Study

KSE Exceeds Expectations with Korrvu® Retention Packaging

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A new Electric Vehicle (EV) charger developed by KSE required a custom packaging solution that would satisfy a range of customer expectations and operational demands.

The purchase of an EV charger is part of the much bigger consumer experience of buying an electric vehicle. For many people, this is a significant and exciting moment for them, which is motivated by sustainability and technology. It was critical therefore that the packaging of the new at-home KSE Wallbox charger fulfilled expectations of both automotive manufacturers and consumers, and incorporated recyclable packaging materials.

Alongside environmental performance, KSE also knew that its packaging solution must perfectly display and house each charging unit, whilst also being easy to open.

KSE EV wall charger in korrvu packaging
KSE Wallbox EV charger


Using package design services from Sealed Air, tests were conducted to determine a solution that could deliver maximum protection with minimal packaging materials. SEALED AIR® brand Korrvu® retention packaging achieved KSE's specified performance criteria while also meeting their desired sustainability goals.

Korrvu® retention packaging is made from a combination of corrugated cardboard using 50% recycled content and a super-thin flexible film. The transparent flexible film effectively wraps around the glass front of the charger, retaining it and protecting it from any potential abrasions during transit.

The performance and clarity of the film also mean the charger is perfectly positioned and displayed when it’s received by a consumer, who then simply lifts it out of the box and then recycles the packaging at the kerbside (where services are available).

KSE was able to easily integrate the packaging into their manufacturing line with minimal time, space and resource requirements.

“We pride ourselves on high quality, precision electronic engineering and the Korrvu® packaging solution truly aligns with this.”

Patrick Niefnecker, Project Leader at KSE


  • Increased sustainability by using recyclable packaging materials
  • Self-assembly saves on storage space
  • Increased packing speeds
  • Right-sized packaging reduces transport and logistics costs
  • High impact presentation matches customers’ expectations

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KSE Wallbox EV charger