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High-Performance Inflatable Cushioning

Our high-performance inflatable cushioning offers superior protection for heavy, fragile products.

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Inflatable cushioning offers superior protection for heavy, fragile products.

Designed to run on BUBBLE WRAP® brand inflatable equipment, our high-performance inflatable cushioning films offer damage protection that rivals light foam. With high abuse resistance and long air retention, they're ideal for heavy and/or fragile products that require extra protection. The films ship and store flat to save up to 80% of valuable warehouse space, ready to be inflated on demand. With various sizes and film grades, including anti-static, there's a perfect fit for your unique application. These solutions are well suited to e-commerce, 3PLs, cosmetics and beauty, home goods, pharmaceuticals, medical/dental supplies, books, and more.

Our high-performance inflatable cushioning films are compatible with our BUBBLE WRAP® brand inflators.

  • High abuse resistance, retains air longer, and provides damage protection that rivals light foam
  • Optimise cube space to reduce carton size and save on dimensional shipping costs
  • Stores flat, inflates on demand
  • Inflatable materials offer up to a 20% increase in packing speed

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