Instapak® FoamWrap Express

This SEALED AIR® brand on-demand foam system produces continuous foam-filled tubes.

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01 Overview


This SEALED AIR® brand on-demand foam system produces continuous foam-filled tubes.

The SEALED AIR® brand Instapak® FoamWrap Express is a compact, bench-mounted foam packaging machine that produces continuous foam-filled tubes (CFTs), which provide superior protection with minimal foam usage. Compact design, customisable programming, and just-in-time accumulation capability make this on-demand foam system a perfect fit for any size packaging operation.

  • Cost-effective, superior product protection 
  • Easy to use industrial-grade touch screen display 
  • Perforated tube quantities can be programmed for any packaging need 
  • Clean, no-mess appearance to enhance customer experience 
  • Optional roll winder attachment feeds Instapak material into a cushion bin or winds it into easy-to-use rolls

  • Foam tube width options from 2.5 cm to 127 cm 
  • Up to 5.5 m of continuous foam tubes (CFTs) per minute

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