Construction Solutions

Our high-performance solutions provide energy efficiency, improved thermal insulation, noise reduction, and moisture protection.

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01 Overview


Our construction solutions solve common noise, moisture, and comfort challenges.

Our innovative and efficient solutions are used by architects, construction companies and acoustic engineers across a range of applications - from acoustic absorption in public buildings, swimming pools and road/rail infrastructure, to roofing and underfloor heating insulation in domestic and commercial buildings.

  • Whisper® Acoustic Panels
    • Lightweight, fibre free, and moisture resistant
    • Efffective sound absorption both indoors and outdoors
  • Kevothermal Vacuum Insulation Panels
    • Excellent thermal conductivity and space saving alternative to traditional insulation products for construction
  • Opti-Step® Flooring Underlayment
    • Premium underlayment for protection of luxury vinyl floor tiles
  • Insulated Bubble Cushioning
    • Superior multi-layer reflective insulation

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