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Vacuum Tray Skin Top Webs

CRYOVAC Brand Vacuum Tray Skin Top Webs

Cryovac VST top webs provide an unparalleled solution for food producers looking to preserve the freshness and quality of their products while also offering convenience and versatility. The advanced protection and presentation features ensure your products not only stay in excellent condition but also stand out on the shelves.

Why choose CRYOVAC Brand Vacuum Tray Skin Top Webs?

Vacuum skin process significantly reduces aerobic bacteria growth, allowing your products to retain their freshness for a longer period without compromising on quality. Our top webs are microwave safe, simplifying meal preparation for busy consumers and making it easy for them to enjoy their meals quickly.  

Working seamlessly with most tray skin equipment available on the market, VST top webs can easily be integrated into your existing production process

Experience reduced drip loss and excellent pack integrity thanks to safe seal, ensuring your products stay pristine from packaging to consumption while optimising shelf life and enhancing product differentiation with a vertical-facing solution.


Fresh meat vacuum packed

Features and Benefits

  • Vacuum packaging with an unmatched pack appearance and possibility to easily check pack integrity
  • Reduced drip loss, enhanced shelf life, and compatible with e-commerce needs
  • Tight-fitting vacuum skin with no freeze burn for frozen ready meals

CRYOVAC® Brand High-Perfomance Skin Top Webs

Featured Packaging

Polyethylene sealant 80-micron top webs compatible with CRYOVAC® Darfresh® on Tray, Darfresh® roll, and Vacuum Tray systems for case-ready applications.


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