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CRYOVAC® Darfresh® Rollstock

CRYOVAC® Brand Darfresh®  Rollstock, experience the difference


Designed to enhance your brand and streamline your operations, Darfresh® Rollstock vacuum skin packaging enhance your brand experience, and improve operational efficiency—all while maintaining product integrity and sustainability.

Our extensive range of top and bottom webs caters to all main food applications., ensuring optimal performance for your products. With patented easy-open seal technology, Darfresh® Rollstock stands out in packaging innovation. If you need something unique, this product range proposes re-close features, custom print and pigmentation options to meet your specific needs.

Designed with sustainability in mind, CRYOVAC brand Darfresh Rollstock  help reduce packaging carbon footprint*** by 60% when compared to tray skin and up to 40% less versus MAP while bottom webs contain at least 30% post-consumer recycled Polyethylene terephthalate. 
In addition, the high abuse, tight vacuum and safe-seal properties of your pack helps reduce food waste by 50%* compared to MAP by preventing product disposal due to discolouration or short shelf life., making it a truly sustainable choice.

* Based on results achieved for Sealed Air deliverables. All facilities and systems are different, so results may vary.
** Degree of recyclability depends on the specific product configuration or components intended for recycle and the scope and availability of appropriate local recycling facilities.
***Carbon footprint impact calculations are based on internal Sealed Air LCA

Features and Benefits

  • Optimised Packaging: Enhance your brand and improve operational efficiency
    - Boost your production speed by 20% compared to tray skin systems
  • Broad Range: Suitable for all major food applications
  • Easy-Open Technology: Best in class for consumer convenience
  • Sustainability: Significant reductions in plastic usage, food waste, and carbon footprint
    - Cut down on plastic by 25%* compared to standard market packaging (skin or tray skin) with our thinner top and bottom webs
    - Up to 40% savings from scrap reductions and 4% total material savings with the ULMA TFS R-scrap machine
  • Customisation: Flexible print and pigmentation options available
High performance top webs for tray skin applications

CRYOVAC® Brand High-Perfomance Skin Top Webs

Featured Packaging

Polyethylene sealant 80-micron top webs compatible with CRYOVAC® Darfresh® on Tray, Darfresh® roll, and Vacuum Tray systems for case-ready applications.


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