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CRYOVAC® Brand Simple Steps® Meal Packaging

CRYOVAC® Brand Simple Steps® meal packaging, simplify cooking, shipping, and selling

CRYOVAC® brand Simple Steps® meal packaging offers a vacuum skin solution for convenience foods and microwavable, prepared meals. Vacuum technology helps preserve freshness without the need for chemical additives and steam-assisted technology of the total packaging helps food heat evenly.

The films forming characteristics act as a mould, creating a second skin around the gourmet product., so that the  Simple Steps vacuum skin technology ensures that the meal’s flavours and ingredients are captured at their freshest.
Hermetically sealed , CRYOVAC® brand Simple Steps®  offers a leak-proof, freezer ready packaging that is visually appealing to consumers.

prepared meals

Features and Benefits

  • Operational efficiency
    - Optimise your transportation and storage costs with reduced pack size vs MAP
    - Reduces prep and clean-up time
    - Can be sold as fresh or frozen
  • Product integrity
    - Leak-proof hermetic seal reduces risk of cross contamination
    - Enables post-pasteurisation (HPP and/or thermal)
    - Minimise spoilage by having a tight vacuum skin film
    - Vacuum sealed to remove oxygen and seal in freshness
  • Brand experience
    - Vertically merchandise with no product movement
    - Offers easy-open and stay-cool sides for increased consumer convenience
    -  Self venting technology helps disperse heat evenly, keeping moisture in, allowing for a better eating experience
    - Maintain flavour through vacuum skin packaging


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