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High-Performance Skin Top Webs

CRYOVAC Brand Darfresh High-Performance Skin Top Webs,
Lower Packaging Costs and Reduced Plastic Use

High-performance skin top webs are designed to be significantly thinner than traditional top webs, leading to a substantial reduction in plastic use. With their innovative design, they help you achieve a lower total packaging cost. Reduced plastic use and efficient packaging contribute to lowering your overall carbon footprint. Despite being thinner, our skin top webs offer exceptional performance in protecting fresh proteins.

Mince Meat vacuum packed

Features and Benefits

  • Extended shelf life reducing waste and captivating consumers’ interest
  • Maximised consumer interest with optimal protein visibility in every pack
  • Exceptional formability, accommodating a wide range of protein shapes and sizes.
  • Implosion resistance protecting proteins during the whole supply chain


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