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CRYOVAC® Brand Darfresh® on Tray

CRYOVAC®  Brand Darfresh®  on Tray, experience unparalleled efficiency and sustainability

Unlike traditional skin pack machines that produce 30-40% scrap, our innovative technology offers zero scrap, making it a sustainable choice that significantly reduces plastic waste. Not only do you save on material costs, but the unique tray sealing technology enhances output by seamlessly integrating with pre-made trays or cardboard support.

In an increasingly competitive retail landscape, standing out is crucial. Our skin-tight, glossy packaging offers excellent optics, ensuring your product shines on the shelf and captures consumer attention. With the ability to display your product vertically, you gain an edge at the point of sale, driving more impulse purchases. The convenience of an easy-opening feature attracts consumers, making their experience seamless and hassle-free. Beyond aesthetics, our packaging prioritises product integrity. Thanks to a high oxygen barrier, it maintains freshness for longer, preventing spoilage and ensuring your product stays delicious. The strong and reliable sealing also eliminates the risk of food cross-contamination, with no visible drip over time.

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Features and Benefits

  • Using 100% of film with no skeleton film waste
  • Reduce food waste by 50% due to no product discolouration and longer shelf-life v MAP
  • Reduce carbon footprint by 50% with no top web scrap versus skin and reduced food waste versus MAP
  • Maximise freshness and integrity for longer thanks to high oxygen barrier and no visible drip over time
  • Avoid food cross contamination with no juices dripping thanks to strong and reliable sealing
  • Skin-tight, glossy vertical display
  • Easy-opening feature
High performance top webs for tray skin applications

CRYOVAC® Brand High-Perfomance Skin Top Webs

Featured Packaging

Polyethylene sealant 80-micron top webs compatible with CRYOVAC® Darfresh® on Tray, Darfresh® rollstock, and Vacuum Tray systems for case-ready applications.


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