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Soft Vacuum System

Our soft vacuum and sealing system extracts air from the pack to preserve cheese quality, texture, and taste.

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01 Overview


CRYOVAC® brand soft vacuum systems are designed to preserve the quality, texture, and taste of cheese products.

The CRYOVAC® brand SVS45 is a soft vacuum and sealing system designed for cheese products. The unique technology gently extracts air from the pack to preserve product integrity. The continuous flow system reduces energy consumption, using around 10 times less compressed air than traditional vacuum systems.

  • Easy to integrate with any CRYOVAC® brand automatic loader to offer complete automation and improved throughput
  • Innovative differential pressure vacuum and sealing system protects cheese products and delivers optimum packaging performance
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 50% compared to traditional systems

  • Working speed: Up to 43ppm (dependent on product/loading system)
  • Energy consumption: 6kWh per hour
  • Minimal or no operators required
  • Dimensions: Length 200 - 600 mm, Height 50 - 400 mm, Width 50 - 350 mm

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