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Vacuum Shrink Bags

Our vacuum shrink bags protect perishable foods from oxygen, moisture, and environmental elements to maintain food quality and safety across the supply chain.

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01 Overview

Maintain fresh, flavourful food while protecting from spoilage or contamination.

CRYOVAC® brand vacuum shrink bags are designed to deliver the highest levels of product protection to maximise food quality and safety throughout the supply chain. Engineered to protect against physical, chemical, or microbiological spoilage, these high-performance bags set the industry standard for packaging all types of perishable foods.

  • Locks out oxygen and maintains proper moisture levels
  • Available in pre-made bags and rollstock shrink tubes with easy-open option
  • Abuse-resistant, presentation and curing, non-barrier, and heat-treatable vacuum shrink bags available
  • EVOH barrier and recycle-ready formulas available
  • Size and gauge versatility for a variety of products

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