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Custom Protective Packaging Solutions
for Original Design Manufacturers

We are Here to Help ODMs Design Quality Solutions for Every Product

Things can change quickly as an ODM. Whether you’re trying to win new business with a large electronics brand or expanding the number of SKUs you manufacture for an existing healthcare customer, you're expected to meet new challenges thrown your way without sacrificing efficiency, cost or quality. Sealed Air can help you design packaging solutions that meet even the strictest requirements from your customers.

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Global, Vertically Integrated Supply Chain

With a global manufacturing footprint, no operation is out of our reach. Sealed Air is vertically integrated, providing your operation with the much-needed continuity of quality and supply by manufacturing, designing and fabricating our own solutions. 

Complete Range of Protective Packaging Solutions 

If you make it, we can ship it. From surface protection to cushioning or heavy-duty blocking and bracing, our complete range of packaging materials offer superior damage protection with the least amount of material. Tailored to your custom needs, our protective packaging solutions help reduce packaging dimensions and shipping costs.

Solutions Designed With Target Costs in Mind

With unmatched industry knowledge and expertise, Sealed Air solves complex packaging challenges with your target costs in mind. We pair our comprehensive portfolio of protective packaging solutions with package design and testing services to help you find the right mix of materials that minimise costs and close the deal every time.


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Finding the Perfect Package and Partner for Your Electronics Needs


From cell phones to servers, manufacturers of electronic devices and equipment keep our world connected. During shipment, these delicate products are highly susceptible to damage and require specialised protection. Finding the right balance of protection and performance can be a challenge. Sealed Air is the perfect partner to help you develop the perfect packaging solutions for your high-value electronics. 

Download our infographic for six ways to stay ahead of packaging design and logistics within the rapidly growing and evolving electronics industry. 

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Design Expertise

Packaging Design Application Centres

Sealed Air designs for perfect protection. We can validate a design you’ve created or, even better, design it with you to shorten the race to the finish line. Our Packaging Design Application Centres deliver value to your operation through our global network of packaging engineers who work to understand the exact shipping and distribution environment, define the fragility of your product, select the right packaging materials, design the prototype package, and verify that package through industry standard testing.

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Fabricator Network

Custom Fabricated Foam Packaging Solutions

From high-density Ehthafoam planks to polyethylene foam rolls, we partner with you to produce customised foam packaging for every SKU you need to protect. With our global strategic network of fabricators, we design, engineer and provide foam fabricating services to your exact specifications.

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Packaging Solutions for Electronics

Protect high-value electronics in the consumer, industrial and telecommunications sectors.

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Packaging Solutions for Healthcare

Deliver healthcare supplies and medical devices securely, safe from damage and ready to use.

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