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How Mailers Enhance Direct-to-Consumer Fulfilment



Make an Impression with Mailer Solutions for E-Commerce

With the explosion of e-commerce across the global retail space, the first time many consumers meet your brand is in the privacy of their own home.

For items like clothing and accessories, personal care or electronics, every shipment is an opportunity to create an impression for your brand. Whether it’s the first shipment to a consumer or one of many, bags and mailers can help seal the deal.

With decades of industry expertise, we have a wide range of paper or poly-based shipping solutions to meet your sustainability and protection needs. We also have the technology to make the process faster and more efficient, like our portfolio of AUTOBAG® brand automated bagging machines.

By choosing the best combination of materials and equipment for your e-commerce shipping needs, research shows it's possible to exceed consumer expectations in three key areas: delivery, disposal and delight.

Efficiency in the bag.

Our mailer solutions maintain a premium appearance for soft goods during transit by resisting punctures and crushed edges for which boxes are known, and by repelling moisture and dirt. Poly or paper mailers come in a variety of sizes with additional features like padding or cushioning, and align with consumer expectations for high-end or luxury goods.

Sustainability in the bag.

Standard-size boxes almost always require void-fill materials to keep goods in place during transit. These materials, along with boxes that must be broken down for collection, create waste and effort consumers just don't want. Our line of paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce – like our new BUBBLE WRAP® brand paper bubble mailer – are reusable and kerbside recyclable.

Delivery experience in the bag.

In the D2C environment, making a connection often comes down to what happens at delivery. So from the materials we use to make them, to custom printing or features like close strips, gusseted expansion, handles or zip-lock closures, we offer a range of shipping solutions that can bring your customer closer – and keep them there for years to come. 

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