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Box Smarter With 3D Automated Packaging

Big savings come in smaller boxes

Say Goodbye to Labour-Intensive Excessive Packaging

Sparck's packaging systems provide automated solutions for ecommerce operations facing challenges such as rising order volumes, labor shortages, and the need for sustainable packaging. With the ability to customize up to 1,100 packages per hour, whether for multiple or single item orders, Sparck offers efficient and eco-friendly packaging options.

Using cutting-edge 3D scanning technology, these award-winning automated packaging solutions swiftly create, seal, and label custom shipping boxes for each order. From small garments to large vacuum cleaners, our remarkable flexibility accommodates over 40 million unique box sizes. Experience efficient and precise fit-to-size packaging in seconds.

Accelerate order fulfillment and expand your business across diverse industries such as e-commerce, fashion, toys, 3PL, manufacturing, wholesale, spare parts, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty, and more.

CVP Impack

Create a right sized box every 7 seconds

Up to 500 boxes per hour

CVP Impack

CVP Everest

Or step it up to every 3 seconds

Up to 1,100 boxes per hour

CVP Impack

Sparck Technologies offers innovative packaging solutions with their CVP Everest and Impack auto-boxers. These advanced systems seamlessly pack single- and multi-item orders, effortlessly adapting to your high-volume fulfillment requirements and keeping up with fluctuating demands. By optimizing box sizes, you not only enhance the customer experience but also promote sustainable packaging practices.

The CVP Everest can produce ultra-slim boxes as low as 28mm in height, perfect for businesses with small items that fit through standard letterboxes. This not only reduces postal rates but also eliminates the need for a second delivery attempt and its associated costs when no one is home.

These inline solutions seamlessly integrate with your warehouse management system, empowering you to effortlessly meet current demands while also laying the groundwork for future growth. Experience the flexibility and adaptability you need to thrive in a dynamic business environment.

Benefits For Your Operations

person working on machine

Labour challenges

The CVP automated packaging solutions are state-of-the-art auto-boxers that can replace up to 20 manual packaging stations at a time, resulting in reduced labor costs and enhanced packaging process efficiencies.

two workers watching item be packaged by machine

Shipping volume

Why pay for shipping empty space? Right-sized packaging can reduce box volume by up to 50%, ensuring the smallest parcel needed at the lowest cost. This not only minimizes shipping expenses but also eliminates the need for void fill materials.

box in assembly line


Improve your green initiatives by automating packaging. Oversized boxes in ecommerce fulfilment are a major concern. Creating boxes to precise dimensions reduces shipping volumes by up to 50% and cuts cardboard usage by 30%. This boosts efficiency and enhances environmental sustainability.

box in assembly line


Every year customer demands get higher and ecommerce companies are pushed to the edge. Alleviate peak season packaging challenges with realiable auto-boxing. Even when labour resources are scarce.

Customer Success Story

Improving Operational Efficiency for Webstaurant Store, USA

WebstaurantStore, the top ecommerce provider of food service equipment and supplies in the US, is committed to delivering exceptional service, fast shipping, and unmatched selection and pricing to busy foodservice professionals. To tackle the challenges of rapid growth and diverse orders, WebstaurantStore implemented the CVP Automated Packaging Solution, ensuring efficient and streamlined packaging processes.


Ready to drive value with 3D Automated packaging?

It’s time to explore what 3D packaging automation can do for your business. Customers are thrilled with the high uptime of our CVP systems and flexible service options. Tailored to your needs, our services include remote support, daily reporting, on-site services, parts support, product training, and software maintenance. Our experts are ready to work with you and learn more about your business objectives, so contact us to get started.

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