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Packaging Automation For Case-Ready

Our automated equipment solutions are built to handle a wide range of case-ready packaging applications. Whether you use different types of trays, films, bottom webs, or shrink bags, our equipment is engineered to adapt and accommodate various CRYOVAC® brand materials. This flexibility reduces the need for manual adjustments and retooling, saving time, reducing errors and maximising productivity.



CRYOVAC®  Brand Darfresh®  Vacuum Skin Packaging

Our DM100 Darfresh® on Tray system is the first vacuum skin packaging solution to offer zero scrap and operate at speeds comparable to mid-range MAP systems with a smaller footprint. The unique tray sealing technology is applied to pre-made trays to increase output versus standard tray skin.​

When paired with our Darfresh® web range, the solution delivers  higher throughput with 40% top-web consumption reduction and allows the use of downgauged trays.

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