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case-ready solutions

CRYOVAC® Brand Food Packaging

Case-Ready Solutions

When processors and retailers need to implement swift changes based on consumer preference, offer a broad assortment of fresh product, and meet sustainability demands – case-ready packaging is king.

Selecting high performance, protective trays, shrink bags, and lidding films ensure shelf-life extension, freshness and quality product presentation.

When combined with automated systems and digital packaging, our customers are better equipped to deliver value-added products that increase profitability, set them apart from the competition, and drive loyalty for the end-user.

chicken breast packaging


How a Packaging Change Led to a 4X Increase in Sales

When poultry producer Shenandoah Valley Organic wanted to communicate quality and environmental responsibility through packaging, they wisely chose CRYOVAC brand vacuum skin packaging to replace foam trays with overwrap. The results speak for themselves.


CRYOVAC® Brand Case-Ready Packaging

Helping processors and retailers capture wallet share of today’s convenience minded, environmentally conscious consumers.

anticipate and reduce freight cost

Optimise Materials & Equipment

Managing inventory, labour and customer expectations can be made easier by employing case-ready meat packaging. Our material and machine compatibility creates a finished pack that extends shelf life, delivers consistent product quality, and protects valuable protein products across the supply chain.

anticipate and reduce freight cost

Improve Shelf Presence

For brands looking to enhance product presence and consumer engagement at the meat case, our digital packaging, printing, and graphic design solutions help your products stand out. Adding interactive on-pack elements helps to create a distinct brand identity and differentiate your products from other commodities.

anticipate and reduce freight cost

Offer Sustainable Solutions

We emphasise the Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) in our approach to designing, developing, making and selling sustainable case-ready packaging. By using materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, or made from renewable resources, our solutions reduce waste and minimise environmental impact of the product.

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