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What is smart packaging?
A smart package can fulfil operational, marketing and brand enhancement needs, connecting consumers to manufacturers, and retailers to processors. It creates transparency through data and analytics and enhances brand reputation through custom consumer engagements.

Engaging Consumer Experiences

With prismiq, your brand can customise digital experiences to provide relevant, personalised information to keep consumers engaged. When customers interact with your packaging through a scannable code, they receive relevant brand or product content, such as coupons, recipes, video instructions and more.

Usage: Increase product use with guided tutorials and instructions, or with recommended recipes and preparation instructions.

Access: Seamless user experience for ordering, replenishing and returning.

Digital Marketing: Introduce new products, run promotions and make recommendations for similar items.

Insights: Collect valuable consumer data that is available in your brand’s custom dashboard.

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Enhancing Operations Through Serialisation

Prismiq digital printers enable the capability to serialise every package. Information can be assigned to, or collected from individual packages at multiple touchpoints throughout the product life cycle. Our team of experts can integrate all needed hardware and software to enable your smart packaging solution.

Enable Automation: Streamline plant processes to save costs.

Operational Efficiency: Reduce labour and manage inventory in real time.

Authenticity: Track and trace products to ensure they are from the brand of purchase.

Supply Chain Optimisation: Identify inefficiencies in your supply chain by monitoring insights and data as packages travel from processing to QA, pack-off, distribution and beyond.

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