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Graphic Services


When it comes to creating brands and packages that stand out, our team of graphic experts is here to guide you. From file preparation to material challenges to optimising print cost and more, our graphic services team will lead you through the entire package design process.

Graphic Design Capabilities

  • Package design from concept art to production art
  • Manage brand colour and aesthetics on packaging
  • Ensure clear product and package messaging
  • Material challenges such as shrink or distortion
  • 2D or 3D digital package renderings
  • Augmented reality and interactive PDFs
  • Physical mock-ups

Pre-Press Services

  • Consultation, collaboration and project management
  • Cost optimisation
  • Colour separations
  • Graphics editing, file preparation
  • Grid testing for distortion
  • Adherence to government regulations and FDA guidelines
  • Colour and brand management
  • Recommendations to optimise print quality

Production and Quality Services

  • Colour management, colour formulation and ink drawdowns
  • Specalist ink testing and coating development
  • Digital or flexographic samples and high-resolution proofs
  • Field quality testing with customer materials and equipment
  • Smart packaging consultation
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