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Creative Design


If you want to create a truly striking package that performs, get started with our creative design services. We offer research, brainstorming and design consultation to take your packaging to the next level. The prismiq™ design team will partner with our in-house material scientists, applications experts and researchers to ensure that your packaging solution performs as needed for the end user while ensuring the highest level of product integrity.

Primary Conceptual Design

Primary packaging holds the product and ensures it safely arrives to the end user. We offer 3D renderings for review, custom structural designs for thermoformed food packaging and printed samples for protective packaging. Available protective materials include mailerscorrugates, shrink films, temperature assurance and more.

Secondary Conceptual Design

In some instances, you may need or want secondary packaging such as labels, paperboard sleeves, folding cartons and more in addition to primary packaging. We help you to envision and discover how the secondary package can look, function and display your primary package. We understand that temperature-controlled environments require special materials and help you find a solution to work for your needs.
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Prototypes and Samples

Our in-house capabilities provide package prototypes and samples – using real products or product mock-ups – that can be used for internal meetings, focus groups, sales kits, tradeshows and more.

Consumer Insights and Research

We can help you test new package concepts to understand consumer purchase behaviour, buying habits, interaction, usability with your product and more. We can conduct 1-on-1 interviews, shop-alongs, in-home interviews, focus groups, retail case shopping simulations and more. If you prefer to conduct your own consumer insights, we can provide the prototypes, samples and support you need.

Custom User Experiences

Our dedicated team of UX designers will work with your brand to create dynamic consumer experiences. When consumers engage with your packaging through a scannable code, they receive personalised and engaging content such as coupons, recipes, video instructions and more.

While consumers engage on their smart devices, our cloud platform is collecting valuable data and insights that you can access through your brand’s custom analytics dashboard. Leverage these powerful analytics to enhance your marketing effectiveness and grow your business.

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