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US Foods Case Study
Customer Case Study

US Foods Saves Time Through Innovative Food Packaging Solutions

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The US Foods team wanted to find a way to improve their Metro Deli® brand packaging so that it is even easier for its customers to use these products. They wanted a package that both protected the product and saved time in the back of the house.



They found the solution with CRYOVAC® brand Grip & Tear® packaging solutions. These vacuum-packaged bags have an easy-open feature that completely eliminates the need for cutting tools, produces a straight, consistent tear, and helps maintain optimal freshness and appealing optics with its skin-tight shrink packaging. With more than 20 deli meat SKUs in the Metro Deli line, the CYROVAC® brand team set out to deliver an innovative packaging solution that would meet the needs of each individual product and size.

To assist in this undertaking, the US Foods team shipped 21 SKUs to Sealed Air corporate headquarters. The US Foods team then traveled to the Sealed Air facility so that alongside the CRYOVAC® brand team, they could begin working to determine which Grip & Tear bag and features aligned best with each unique SKU in the Metro Deli line. This hands-on approach allowed both parties to see firsthand which Grip & Tear feature best worked for each product.

Assorted deli meats - ham, sausage, salami, parma, prosciutto, bacon
“We decided to partner with Sealed Air to use their Grip & Tear technology. By eliminating the need for a tool to open the packages, Grip & Tear provides a solution that is both easier and safer for our operators to use.”

— Todd Jongen, US Foods Director of Packaging Science


In order to ensure the CRYOVAC® Grip & Tear bag transition would be seamless when transitioning from their current offering, line testing was done on each of the individual Metro Deli product packaging solutions. The Grip & Tear bags performed as expected and allowed the team the confidence to proceed forward with the transition. Today, US Foods has three protein Metro Deli SKUs that have transitioned into the Grip & Tear bags.

For US Foods it was essential to offer a packaging solution that would add benefits for their customers. The CRYOVAC® brand Grip & Tear packaging solution delivered by offering consistent packaging in an easy to open design that protects the product and saves valuable time in the back of the house.