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Kagome USA Stays Flexible for the Future with CRYOVAC® Brand Total Solutions

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As a global leader in sauce creation and production, the Kagome team works closely with customers to provide flavorful solutions to meet the demands and trends of foodservice and food processing operations around the world. As a global vertically integrated supplier of fruit and vegetable products, such as sauces, drinks, and ready-to-eat meals, Kagome is passionately devoted to their crops, customers, and communities they serve. 


The Partnership 

With a quality-driven growth mindset, the teams at Kagome USA and Sealed Air are partnering to solve critical packaging challenges across the entire foodservice value chain. By offering solutions for liquid products in the form of flexible packaging materials and automated equipment, both companies help foodservice operators protect product integrity, improve operational efficiency, extend shelf life, and reduce waste.


“Sealed Air provides us with great quality film, great service, dependable and durable equipment...I can depend on their film, and I can depend on their service – that's the bottom line.”

Jaime Sandavol, Director of Operations Kagome USA

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By uniquely combining industry-leading vertical equipment, flexible materials, service, and proprietary digital yield-optimizing solutions, Sealed Air offers the most comprehensive performance packaging and operational enhancements possible. While performance of the materials and equipment are important, it’s the people that take the business partnership from transactional to transformational. Between our industry-leading technical expertise and their focus on innovation, both teams are partnered and positioned for growth.

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“It’s our knowledge of the market and bar-none the best technical support in our industry.
It's not just the material for us, but the whole package.”

Greg Beauregard, Regional Sales Director, West Coast, Sealed Air


Focusing on quality, operational efficiency, and sustainability, Sealed Air has helped Kagome innovate their packaging materials with flexible pouches that improve yield, food safety, and space savings. Designed specifically to optimize the efficiency of Kagomes’ operations, CRYOVAC® brand vertical form-fill-seal systems facilitate fast and easy changeover of food products and accommodate a wide range of pouch sizes. As we look to the future, the two teams naturally partnered to develop and implement SEE Precision Yield Optimization designed to help Kagome tighten their package weight performance with no labor or process changes, delivering quantifiable savings in product loss. When we apply our end-to-end philosophy of innovative materials, automated equipment, unmatched technical expertise, and digital solutions, our business are better positioned to keep operating today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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