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Jerry's Artarama Case Study
Customer Case Study

Accelerating Fulfillment Capacity for Jerry's Artarama

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Jerry's Artarama offers over 80,000 SKUs of art supplies and framing to customers around the world. Since its founding in 1968, it has grown to operate a 160,000-square foot facility that is responsible for fulfilling e-commerce orders and distributing products to 19 retail stores throughout the country.

Confronted with limited warehouse space, a completely manual packing process, and growing consumer demands for faster shipping, Jerry's Artarama was strained to get more packs out the door while minimizing its total cost of order fulfillment.



Sealed Air Fulfillment Design and Engineering Services and our portfolio of automated packaging equipment came together to improve operational efficiencies and increase order throughput. Now, each pack is standardized to save on labor, packaging materials, and dimensional weight — without sacrificing damage protection.

"By increasing our efficiencies in our packaging department, we're now able to accommodate almost seven times the volume that we previously were able to. And that is not only an instant savings for us, but it allows us to grow in the future without having to worry about that part of the operation."

Ed Lingg, Director of Warehouse Operations for Jerry's Artarama


e-commerce automated packaging equipment


  • Saved over $500,000 a year in labor, dimensional weight, and packaging costs
  • Increased efficiency and throughput velocity by 7x
  • Better product protection during shipping with a minimum amount of material
  • Reduced number of box SKUs and inflate-on-demand products to save valuable warehouse storage space
  • Reallocated labor to other parts of the operation
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