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Crestron Hits Packaging Grand Slam With Korrvu®

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A global leader in workplace technology, Crestron Electronics provides leading companies with conference room and collaboration solutions. Its flagship product, the Crestron Mercury™, is an all-in-one tabletop solution that combines the technology to facilitate video conferencing platforms and collaboration applications.

After investing millions of dollars and thousands of hours into the research and development of the Crestron Mercury, the company then directed their focus to how they were going to successfully ship this sensitive electronic equipment to customers around the globe. The goal: a sustainable packaging solution that would provide superior damage protection and improve product presentation during the unboxing experience.



Working with Crestron’s shipping partner, Next Press, Sealed Air recommended Korrvu® retention packaging. Korrvu® is a high-performance solution that uses corrugated frames and flexible film to hold items in place while showcasing the product within the box.

Since switching to Korrvu®, Crestron has had no reports of damage from customers. The company has also saved valuable warehouse storage space compared to the foam packaging materials previously used.

Doing more with less is the key to sustainable packaging. With Korrvu®, Crestron now uses smaller, rightsized boxes to ship products — which ultimately lowers emissions, leaves a smaller carbon footprint, and reduces shipping costs. The solution is also curbside recyclable.

“Korrvu® gave us a great option with a great presentation without a lot of bulk and other things around our products that are not environmentally friendly.”

— Joseph Sarrasin, head of Product and Unified Communications at Crestron Electronics

Creston Korrvu


  • 72% volumetric storage reduction of packaging foams
  • 90% PE foam source reduction
  • Rightsized packs to reduce logistics and transportation spend by 20%
  • Improved product presentation during customers' unboxing experience
  • Increased sustainability by using recyclable materials
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