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Customer Case Study

Bovisa Urban Garden Enhances Customer Comfort With Whisper® Acoustic Panels

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Bovisa Urban Garden is set within the charm of a 1950s industrial warehouse in Milan, Italy. A place to play and listen to music, meet people, exchange ideas and experiences, and enjoy good food.

Within such a venue it is important to achieve optimal acoustic performance for both speech and music, whilst preserving the original architectural elements of the building.

The six-metre-high ceilings, vaulted roof, and large windows were characteristics of the building’s beginnings as a precision mechanical workshop. However, they also proved to be an obstacle to good acoustics.

The managers of Bovisa Urban Garden began a project to find a solution to this challenge, with the aim of reducing the reverberation time (RT) from 1.26 seconds to 1 second.

“With these acoustic sound panels the difference is tangible. We carried out various tests before and after the installation and we are proud to be able to offer our guests a superior experience”

Michele Colangelo, Restaurant Manager at Bovisa Urban Garden



SEALED AIR® brand Whisper® acoustic panels were installed as vertical baffles from the ceiling, in such a way that they did not impact on the original architecture of the vault.

Supplied by Sealed Air distributor Gruppo Sogimi, the panels are hung from the tie rods of the building and cover a total area of only 34m2. The panels can correct the reverberation of the entire environment, which is spread over approximately 930m3.

The panels are washable, light, hygienic, with a closed cell surface that does not absorb moisture, fat, odours, and dust. The sound absorbing panels have easily solved the problem of reverberation in this environment. Whisper® acoustic panels are a honeycomb-like matrix of networked closed cells which efficiently absorb sound better than conventional fibre, polyester and open cell foams. The panels are suitable for either indoor, or outdoor installations including restaurants, swimming pools and road/rail noise barriers.


  • Reduction in overall noise levels
  • Optimized customer experience
  • Maintained integrity of building architecture


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