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Dinner on the Doorstep: A New Age of Grocery Shopping

December 21, 2021

Just a few years ago, many consumers would have been dismayed by the idea of ordering groceries online, let alone temperature-sensitive goods like meat and dairy. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly fast-tracked the welcoming of grocery and meal kit delivery services. Some brick-and-mortar grocers are even shifting into a new market space — grocery distribution centers. With this new "no-store" strategy taking shape in many regions around the world, the challenges of achieving a sustainable, profitable, and positive delivery experience are becoming very real, very fast.


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New Demands, New Challenges

Customer convenience also means complexities for the supply chain and distribution network. Retail grocers moving into this new distribution space must now think about packaging more than ever. How far can temperature-sensitive goods travel in a day? How long can food items be kept at the correct temperature in warmer climates? What are the most successful methods for separating dry goods from perishable goods for local — or regional — delivery?

If the groceries a customer ordered are meant to be prepared and put on the table for their family on the same day, the customer won’t be very forgiving if a box arrives late or contains spoiled ingredients. Free returns might be an easy solution for most e-commerce shipping mishaps, but if a customer's dinner arrives damaged or spoiled: game over. Everything in that box or bag has now become waste, which impacts both the customer and the environment. A fresh order will have to be shipped to correct the situation or the customer will be forced to seek another retailer. This is why getting a grocery order to the customer’s door both on time and in proper condition on the first try is crucial to the delivery experience. And that’s where choosing the right packaging comes into play.




Choose Your Packaging Wisely

The sweet spot for food delivery packaging can be difficult to hit. How much packaging does it take to maintain proper temperatures? How much time can a box, bag, or cooler maintain temperatures during transit and delivery? How can retailers keep material and shipping costs low?

Our experts design and test packaging solutions that meet the most stringent requirements for shelf life, safety, and freshness. We presented Talley's, a New Zealand-based seafood processor and retailer, with a food packaging solution that aligns with both strict industry standards and the company’s eco-conscious values. Providing up to 48 hours of temperature assurance protection, SEALED AIR® brand TempGuard insulated box liners are fully customizable to your target thermal rating and are also an excellent choice for one- or two-day ground shipping applications like grocery or meal kit delivery.

BUBBLE WRAP® brand insulated bubble cushioning is a lightweight temperature assurance solution for shipping and protecting perishable items. Custom die-cut pieces of foiled bubble cushioning transform an ordinary parcel into a lightweight cooler that reduces material and outbound freight costs, minimizes storage requirements, and optimizes operational logistics.

With our extensive range of protective and food packaging solutions, helping you find the right materials for your brand is what we do. Is your operation ready for the new demands of online grocery distribution?