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BUBBLE WRAP® Brand Appreciation Day

January 30, 2023

Celebrating the Evolution of BUBBLE WRAP® Brand

The original interior design concept of our beloved cushioning didn’t quite wow the world. In 1957-era New Jersey, our founders didn’t realize their failed wallpaper idea would soon dominate the protective packaging industry.

Starting in 1960, BUBBLE WRAP® brand protective packaging was first used to maintain the integrity of IBM computers during shipment. Fast forward to 2023, our packaging products have evolved to meet the protective and sustainability demands for online shopping, food delivery, and so much more. From our eco-friendly bubble cushioning made with at least 90% recycled material, to our all new paper bubble mailer made with recycled and renewable raw material, the BUBBLE WRAP® brand protective packaging experts use innovative technology to create high-performance products that deliver protection AND sustainabilty. 

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Want to know how our bubble cushioning is made? Check it out here!



Our paper bubble mailers pair the sustainability of recyclable paper with the protection of BUBBLE WRAP® brand cushioning. 

  • Curbside recyclable
  • Easy to open
  • Water resistant
  • Optional return strip makes two-way shipping convenient for consumers

A Day in the Life at BUBBLE WRAP® Brand HQ

Most days, we're known as Sealed Air, the original inventors of BUBBLE WRAP® brand protective packaging.
Find out what it’s like to be a new employee in this poptastic behind-the-scenes parody.