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Universal Inflation System

The BWI-1001 produces on-demand inflatable packaging solutions ideal for any size operation.

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01 Overview


Produce inflatable packaging solutions on-demand with our universal inflation system, ideal for any size operation.

BUBBLE WRAP® brand BWI-1001 is an all-in-one universal inflation system that runs over 80 types of BUBBLE WRAP® brand materials on demand. With only a single piece of equipment, this system produces inflatable cushioning, pouches or air pillows. Smart technology enables this system to recognise the type of film that's loaded and effortlessly switch between material types based on your needs – no training or operator programming required. We also offer the BUBBLE WRAP® brand Rocket, an on-demand inflatable void-fill system, and the BUBBLE WRAP® brand Flex, an on-demand inflatable cushioning system.

  • Inflates over 80 types of BUBBLE WRAP® brand materials including cushioning, pouches and air pillows
  • No programming required – smart technology automatically detects and configures the machine to the right seal temperature, airflow and pressure based on the material loaded
  • Effortlessly switch from one material type to another based on your needs
  • No training required – automatic configuration alleviates the need for operator interaction and reduces the risk of operator error
  • Ideal for a broad range of markets and packing environments
  • Supports a wide range of accessories and mounting options to save space and optimise your pack station
  • No knives and an emergency stop feature for operator safety

  • Produces inflatable packaging at speeds up to 24 metres per minute
  • Dimensions of base system without accessories: 43.5 cm L x 35.8 cm W x 36.8 cm H (17 1/8 in L x 14 1/8 in W x 14.5 in H)

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