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Automated Mailer Systems

Automated mailer systems right-size each pack and increase fulfilment velocity.

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01 Overview

AUTOBAG® brand automated mailer systems increase fulfilment velocity, minimise equipment downtime, and improve labour optimisation.

AUTOBAG® brand automated mailer systems reduce equipment downtime and help get more packs out the door. These systems only require one operator and right size each pack, automatically adjusting to the length and height of each order. Integrate these horizontal inline systems seamlessly into existing packaging lines without missing a beat in your operations.

  • Continuous equipment uptime improves order throughput and operational efficiency
  • System automation enables labour savings, requiring minimal interaction from the operator
  • Rightsized packaging for reduced freight costs with no wasted material or void space
  • Makes it easy to produce shipment-ready packs with items of various shapes and sizes 
  • Mailer materials greatly enhance sustainability profile with options for kerbside recyclability (corrugates) and store drop-off recyclability (polybag film)

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03 Case Study

e-commerce fulfilment centre



Increasing Speed to Meet EziBuy's E-commerce Demands


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