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Biomanufacturing requires performance consistency with supply chain control. Our single-use medical films exceed all application requirements.
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Our biopharmaceutical films are designed specifically for the medical industry.

Since biomanufacturing requires consistency and supply chain control, our biopharma film is designed to exceed all performance and supply chain requirements. Our Fortem™ film was developed specifically for bioprocessing applications in collaboration with, and exclusively for, GE Life Sciences. Engineered to be an extremely inert platform film suitable for all fluid path applications in upstream bioprocessing, its 10-layer architecture provides structural integrity for single-use systems from 5 litres up to 2,000 litres.

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  • Designed with excellent gas barrier properties
  • Eliminates the need for small molecule slip or anti-block additives
  • Layers maintain flexibility and strength properties
  • Contains a specific high-grade polyamide layer for improved strength


  • Volume range from 5 litres – 2,000 litres
  • Registered with the FDA under DMF 033652
  • Produced in an ISO 7 cleanroom and maintained to Class 100 particulate levels
  • Production unit operates under the ISO 15378 quality system
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