Package Design & Prototyping

Package Design & Prototyping

Bring your idea to life with our packaging design services.

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When you choose to work with our package design and prototyping team, you’re offered a unique advantage in the marketplace.

As packaging designers, they’re experts in selecting the best materials for your application.

As graphic designers, they understand how to balance brand aesthetic and product messaging.

As industrial designers, they’re committed to solving end-user product challenges.

Being proficient in one design category isn’t necessarily unique, but because our designers are experts in all three, our customers are offered a powerful advantage and a smooth process that moves a concept to market faster.

1. Learn


During the initial phase of the process, our team works with you to:

  • Establish your goals
  • Gather consumer insights
  • Conduct retailer insights
  • Propose design strategy
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design for food packaging

2. Conceptualise 

After a thorough deep dive into the retailer and consumer, our team creates sketches and low-resolution prototypes. These visuals are used to begin the brainstorming process.


3. Prototype 

With your input, our team will work in conjunction with our applications and R&D teams to create high-resolution prototypes. At this stage, an initial concept turns into a retail-ready package. These prototypes are commonly used to conduct consumer insights and focus groups to ensure that the product is ready for launch.

Customer Case Study

Van's Kitchen Enhances Package Design


“Van’s Kitchen has a great partnership with Sealed Air, as illustrated by their proactive approach to addressing a need. We were provided a comprehensive and in-depth packaging project that resulted in better customer engagement, and ultimately, increased sales. The resources that they were able to bring to this surely made a big difference.” 

– Carl Motter, CSO, Van's Kitchen


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