Today's customers demand authenticity, transparency and connection from their products.


Whether it is for food, clothing, electronics, or home goods — prismiq has the power to take your brand to a new level. Leverage digital printing, smart packaging, custom design, or any combination of our services to create a truly connected package. Grow efficiencies in your supply chain through new technologies and turn your customers into loyalists with compelling brand experiences.

It's time to give your packaging a voice, it has a lot to say.

Explore vibrant ideas with flexibility through our proprietary digital printing technology.

Create operational efficiency, increase brand engagement and supply chain transparency through connected packaging.

Entrust structural design, graphic design and prototype creation to our expert team.

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prismiq believes the digital future of smart packaging and printing is here
Connected packaging and digital printing opens up boundless opportunities
prismiq: interactive brand experiences, packaging personalisation.
smart packaging and digital printing to ensure operational efficiency and success
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