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End-to-End Foam Solutions

Fabricated Foam Services

Through our vertically integrated operations and strategic fabricator network, we meet customers’ needs at every stage of their packaging journey. Whether you need high-performance Ethafoam® plank material, Stratocell® laminated plank material, or Cellu-Cushion® roll stock, our products protect your products. We’re here to solve your critical packaging challenges by offering end-to-end foam solutions that provide maximum product protection and process efficiency.

We partner with customers to deliver customised foam solutions that:

  • Protect products during transit from repeated shock and vibration
  • Reduce dimensional weight and associated freight costs
  • Minimise packaging material production to increase sustainability and save valuable warehouse space 


Design Services

Our ISTA-certified packaging design centres and packaging engineers work with customers to understand the exact shipping environment and design a custom pack that minimises material usage while also reducing storage and shipping costs.

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computer chips protected with foam

Strategic Network of Foam Fabricators

We collaborate with customers and our strategic network of foam fabricators to employ custom-built automated fabrication processes with sustainable materials to achieve protective packaging solutions across the globe. Our network of fabricators adds value to our foam products across a wide array of geographic locations. For commodities that are not locally available, we can tap into our global network of long-term partnerships resulting in lower shipping costs and more supply chain predictability.

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Acquired in October 2017, our Fagerdala business enables vertically integrated foam manufacturing and fabrication capabilities. We help customers around the globe in the electronics, automotive, E-commerce and other sectors.

integrated foam

Austin Foam Plastics, Inc. (AFP)

Acquired in August 2018, AFP expands our solution portfolio and design capabilities by offering custom-engineered foam, corrugated, moulded pulp and wood packaging solutions for a wide variety of product applications.

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