Powered by SEE™ Smart Link, this CRYOVAC® brand vision system helps improve focus on food quality and safety.

Food recalls from object contamination have been steadily on the rise for the last decade, a circumstance that many sources attribute to increased use of automation in food processing.

While most operations use X-ray and metal detection systems to find metals or dense objects that can penetrate food, employee-based, visual inspection is often used to identify lower density materials such as shards of plastic conveyor, wood, cardboard, or pieces of rubber gloves.

Food recalls of any nature make headlines — and these days, consumers can write their own. Complaints, concerns, or a misinterpreted response to a recall can be broadcast on social media channels, reaching millions of people around the world in just a matter of seconds. 

Any type of food recall now presents significant risk to brand reputation as well as profitability. Not only is this information easily accessed by the general public, it can be broadcast quickly and outside of your control. With so much at stake, you need to find as many different types of foreign material as possible before your product reaches the package. 

SEEMaterial Detection is an automated vision system that uses our proprietary, SEESmart Link software to learn and quickly identify a full range of object types down to 1mm in size. Positioned over a moving conveyor belt, this new technology not only finds all kinds of foreign objects, but also stops the conveyor for laser-guided inspection and object removal.

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