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Van's Kitchen Enhances Package Design

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Van’s Kitchen is a small, family-owned business that has been producing fresh, packaged egg rolls since 1986. The majority of their sales come from national grocery retailers, but sales had been stagnant for an 18 month period. Despite the excellence of Van’s Kitchen’s products, consumers had misconceptions about the brand due to its packaging and low price points. The brand, therefore, needed new opportunities to reach consumers.




To challenge the current perception of Van’s Kitchen, the company worked with 23-year partner, Sealed Air, who proactively tasked the Package Design & Prototyping team with producing a variety of new packaging graphic designs. The team developed multiple options that reflected the quality of the product inside, and designs were then handed over to the market research team who performed a graphics study.

Through Sealed Air’s study, Van’s Kitchen was able to determine that consumers valued a design that offered more product visibility because it allowed them to see more of the fresh, high-quality product inside. Consumers also provided the insight that displaying nutritional information on the front of the package let them quickly determine the product’s worth.

In addition to examining Van’s Kitchen’s packaging, Sealed Air also helped Van’s Kitchen review the price points of their products. The market research team performed an online price elasticity study with 260 consumers and determined they were willing to pay more for Van’s Kitchen’s products, given the fresh, premium ingredients.

Van's Kitchen egg rolls wrapped in new packaging graphic designs


Sealed Air ultimately presented Van’s Kitchen with two packaging graphic options based off the results from their graphics study, along with their findings from focus groups and the online survey.

Following Sealed Air’s presentation, Van’s Kitchen elected to update its packaging graphics with a design that featured more contemporary artwork and prominently placed nutritional information. This look resonated with consumers, and within six months, lead to a five percent increase in sales.

By leaning into its long-term partnership with Sealed Air, this small, family-owned business was able to harness resources and years of experience to refresh its brand and expand its product reach. Now, consumers across the country can truly understand the quality of Van’s Kitchen’s products.

“Van’s Kitchen has a great partnership with Sealed Air, as illustrated by their proactive approach to addressing a need. We were provided a comprehensive and in-depth packaging project that resulted in better customer engagement, and ultimately, increased sales. The resources that they were able to bring to this surely made a big difference.” 

— Carl Motter, CSO, Van's Kitchen