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Protect High-Value Electronics
With Sealed Air Packaging Solutions

From cell phones to servers, ODMs design and manufacture electronic devices and equipment that keep our world connected. During shipment, these delicate products are highly susceptible to damage and require specialized protection. Sealed Air packaging solutions for electronics protect against shock, vibration, and static that can affect high-value electronics in the consumer, industrial, telecommunications, aerospace/defense, and computing sectors. 

Advantages of Sealed Air Packaging for Electronics

  • Prevent product damage
  • Absorb shock and vibration
  • Protect against electronic static
  • Increase packing productivity
  • Improve sustainability

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Sealed Air has proven experience designing packaging for electronics solutions of every size and complexity. 

SEALED AIR® brand Ethafoam with anti-static properties protects electrostatic-sensitive devices like computer chips and circuit boards.
SEALED AIR® brand Instapak® on-demand foam creates custom-shaped cushions that absorb bumps and bruises during the shipping process.
SEALED AIR® brand Ethafoam can be custom-fabricated to fit every product's unique shape is offered in a variety of densities, colors, and properties.
SEALED AIR® brand Korrvu® retention and suspension packaging uses a strong, low-slip film to surround your products, offering protection and enhanced presentation.
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Helping You Reach Your Sustainability Goals

Sustainability means different things to different people. That's why at Sealed Air, we clarify our position by defining sustainable packaging in terms of the full packaging lifecycle, then use credible science and data as the means to support our claims and yours. 

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Visit our resource library of articles, videos, graphics, and guides that can help show you how to make sustainability more actionable.


Whether you're looking to add or increase the sustainability of your packaging or considering something broader along the lines of net-zero goals, you can have confidence that Sealed Air's leadership position in sustainability gives you access to a comprehensive portfolio of materials, equipment, guidance, innovation, and support that can help you reach your goals. 

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