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Seafood Packaging

Differentiating From the Sea of Competition



Elevate Your Brand

Sealed Air makes it easy for seafood processors and retailers to differentiate by combining extensive knowledge of consumer and market insights with innovative solutions. Value-added features like reduced plastic gauge, mono PET, or plant-based materials can help drive consumer loyalty. Adapting to formats such as case-ready packaging can also help set your brand apart.


Consumers Shift Toward Case-Ready Packaging

In recent years, shoppers have shifted away from seafood on ice and wet markets. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, food safety has become even more of a priority for consumers and has escalated the need for a better, safer solution. With this acceleration of change, optimizing the performance of your seafood case is critical to staying competitive and profitable.

Case-ready packaging can elevate your brand experience. It allows useful information — such as sell-by dates, portion size, and price — to be easily communicated on the package, which enhances the shopping experience. Consumers appreciate that clear trays and vacuum skin packs allow improved product visibility, as well as the convenience of going from the case to the freezer with no repackaging needed. Because case-ready packaging also minimizes touchpoints in the seafood case, shelves can be stocked faster to alleviate food safety concerns.

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Stand Out With Printable Packaging

Packaging can influence a consumer's decision whether or not to purchase a product. In order to set themselves apart, brands must have an eye-catching design that drives consumer loyalty and articulates necessary information in a clean, concise way.

64% of consumers claim to have purchased something new because the package caught their attention.

Now more than ever, your ability to attract a shopper’s attention in a retail case is essential to your success. Don't miss a chance to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Value-Added Solutions to Differentiate Your Brand

Darfresh® Vacuum Skin Packaging


  • Ideal for fresh or frozen seafood
  • Highly permeable top film
  • Provides ideal oxygen transmission rate for seafood products
  • Available with easy-open or lock-down top web
  • Carrier options include flexible, semi-rigid, or preformed rigid trays
  • Option for plant-based rollstock
  • Pair with a bottom carrier made with a plant-based barrier layer, recycled PET, or paperboard for an improved sustainability profile

Tray/Lid Film


  • Enhance brand with option of printed film 
  • Oxygen-barrier film 
  • Combines with foam or rigid plastic trays 
  • Contains two internal abuse layers for additional protection

Plant-Based Rollstock


  • Powered by PlanticTM 
  • Plant-based corePET or recycled PET outer layers
  • Up to 90% traditional plastic reduction



  • Single operator required
  • Produces zero-scrap tray skin packaging
  • Up to 10 packs per minute
  • Automatic tray ejection at exit
  • Easy installation and setup, no compressed air needed
  • Small footprint; fits on tabletop
  • Quick removal of parts and belts for cleaning
  • Food-grade material components and hygienic design



  • Offers packaging flexibility for case-ready products
  • Small footprint on processing floor
  • Longer length sealing bar to allow more packs per cycle
  • Optimized temperature controls to improve seal quality
  • Designed to use CRYOVAC® pre-made shrink bags



  • Semi-automatic machine produces vacuum skin packages
  • Quick changing of product format
  • Easy film positioning and unwinding
  • Stand-alone unit

10K OTR Vacuum Bags


  • Highly permeable film
  • High-shrink material provides a skin-tight fit 
  • Can be chilled quickly to ship at the lowest possible temperature
  • Preserves product freshness
  • Maintains a bright red color of fresh tuna without employing CO treatment
  • Available with an easy-open feature

Darfresh® on Board


  • Combines flexible, vacuum top web with paperboard bottom carrier
  • Highly permeable top film
  • Provides ideal oxygen transmission rate for seafood products
  • Option for plant-based rollstock

TempGuard® Insulated Box Liners


  • Sustainable replacement for EPS foam
  • Secondary, fiber-based packaging
  • For meal kits, d2c, subscriptions
  • 48-hour temperature maintenance
  • Range of thermal performance options
  • Ideal for one- and two-day ground shipping
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