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Meat Packaging Automation


Maintaining Production in Uncertain Times

Across the meat processing industry as workforce turnover rates far exceed 100%, labor costs and availability are making the management of day-to-day operations almost impossible to predict.

This uncertainty means that on any given day, a variety of functions around your plant could be under-performing, or worse yet, left undone, and costing you more than just throughput.

The high turnover, high costs, and low availability of human labor is creating risk to your operation in unprecedented ways. And that's unlikely to change. That's why today, automation is no longer just about enhancing your operation, automation is your means to protect it. 

4 New Ways to Think About Packaging Automation

Meat packaging automation is a critical step you can take to improve the long term health of your business and the supply chain it serves. This new e-book lays out four new ways to think about your automation investment and why choosing SEE Automation as your partner can make a difference. 

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5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Automating Your Packaging Hall

When planning to implement automated packaging solutions, consider the right partnerships, the right processes, and the right outcomes to help avoid five common pitfalls that pose risk to your automation strategy. 

Proteins Automation Auto Assist robot with vacuum sealed meat

Connectivity: The Modern Age Of Manufacturing Technology

The digital revolution is upon us — and the food industry is beginning to see the impact. In the race to adopt digitization, food processors have uncovered opportunities for operational and monetary growth in their businesses.

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SEE Teams Are Using Automation To Bring Back Operational Predictability

Ensuring predictability and finding ways to optimize operations for our customers is a challenge that Sealed Air’s global teams are working to address through the creation of new solutions, including automated equipment.

What Our Unique Approach to Automation Can Do for You

Reduce onboarding time with intuitive controls

Get any new user up and running quickly. We're upgrading control panels with bold, bright touchscreens programmed to look and operate much like a smartphone. Controls are visual and less reliant on a common language. Video-based training modules are integrated into the operating system and can open on demand whenever the user needs it. 

Get more out of your data through connectivity

If you’re not taking advantage of smart technology or if you're only using it to capture data, then you’re not using it to its full potential. Connected, smart equipment puts data to work for you, helping you minimize waste, deliver productivity savings and deal with the shifts and changes that you are presented with every day. We can help.

Remove yourself from the burden of maintenance

By use of our SEE™ Smart Link technology, you can leverage data that helps inform and drive optimization to help reduce downtime and improve yield rates. North American customers also have the option adding to this efficiency with our SEE Advanced Maintenance Program (AMP).


Automation: Bringing Predictability Back to Meat Processing

RECORDED January 27, 2022 AT IPPE

While the current demand for meat remains high, it’s never been harder to plan your throughput on any given day. please join SEE President of the Americas, Tobias Grasso, as he reveals the four key reasons we believe automation will bring predictability back to meat processing.

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Explore Our Featured CRYOVAC® Brand Automated Vacuum Systems

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Powered by SEE Automation and built from the legacy of our successful CRYOVAC® brand 8600 series, this digitally integrated rotary vacuum packaging system is the backbone of a fully automated packaging line for fresh beef, pork, lamb, and poultry, as well as ready-to-eat or processed meats and cheese.


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The CRYOVAC® brand VS series vacuum chamber systems provide semi-automatic, consistent vacuumising using one chamber. This machine offers packaging flexibility for medium size cuts of fresh red meat, processed meats, poultry, and cheese. 

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