Pre-made Pouches

Pre-made pouches for shelf-stable foods are a cost-effective, space-efficient alternative to traditional cans.

01 Overview


Pre-made retort pouches offer a cost-effective, space-efficient alternative to traditional industrial canning methods. 

CRYOVAC® brand offers non-vacuum pre-made retort pouches for a variety of shelf-stable foods. Made of durable, flexible multi-layer laminates, our retort pouches allow thermal processing and sterilization after packaging to achieve shelf-stability. 

When compared to traditional #10 cans, flexible packaging offers significantly reduced package weight and a more efficient fit into secondary packaging for transport. 


  • Provides a cost-effective, better-tasting alternative to #10 cans
  • Lightweight, flexible laminates significantly reduce shipping weight
  • Offers nearly 100% product yield
  • Increased storage savings compared to #10 cans
  • Secure, high-integrity seals
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