Food Care


Sealed Air’s Food Care creates packaging and hygiene solutions that increase operational efficiency, extend shelf life and reduce resource use throughout the supply chain. In fact, our innovations can double the shelf life of foods like fresh pasta and extend that of meat from days to weeks. From farm to fork, our technologies, innovative materials and proven equipment preserve nutrition while enhancing flavor and food safety. Our breakthroughs assure a growing world that hard-won harvests will not be lost and that our food supply will be more plentiful, safer and less wasteful.

We improve access to a safer, higher quality and more sustainable food and beverage supply chain. Businesses rely on our innovative packaging and hygiene solutions and expertise to help build their brands and improve food safety, shelf life and operational efficiency while reducing food waste.

We are more than just a supplier. We are a leading provider of services and solutions for food processors around the globe. From graphic design and printing services to technical support and service, we have you covered.