Sealed Air Corporation Trademarks (Brand Names)

This is a partial listing of the trademarks owned by Sealed Air Corporation and its subsidiaries, along with the common, generic name of the product type with which each is used. This list is provided for informational purposes only and may not contain all Sealed Air marks. NOTE:Some marks are registered for certain products in certain countries,and at the same time may not be registered for other goods or in all countries.

Permission to use any of these or Sealed Air's other marks must be obtained, in advance, from Sealed Air. Questions concerning the use of these trademarks, the registration status of a mark in any particular jurisdiction or whether a mark that does not appear on this list is a trademark of Sealed Air should be referred to Sealed Air's Trademark Counsel at U.S. (201) 791-7600.

Guidelines (PDF) on proper use of Sealed Air trademarks

List Updated: February, 2007
Trademarks & Service Marks Generic Description of Products
Sealed Air corporate logo used with all products and services offered by Sealed Air Corporation
Sealed Air® all products and services offered by Sealed Air Corporation
Our Products Protect Your Products® packaging materials and equipment
Accu-Cut automated converting system
Barrier Bag® oxygen barrier, vacuum shrink bag
Barrier Bubble® cushioning material
BDF® oxygen barrier shrink film
Bubblebags® pouches
Bubble Pak® air cellular cushioning materials
Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning material
Cell-Aire® polyethylene foam
Cellu Liner meat and dairy case liners
Cellu-Cushion® polyethylene foam
Cellu-Mask adhesive foam film laminate
Cellu-Pak®PB tote and tote divider material
CelluPlank® polyethylene foam
CoinSafe® tamper-evident coin bags
Cold Seal® cohesive-coated protective films
Cold Seal® Bubble Wrap® brand cohesive-coated air cellular cushioning
Cook-N-Ship® thermoplastic bags in which processed meat or poultry is cooked and shipped
Corro-Foam ribbed polyethylene foam
CorTuff® packaging film
Crispac® polypropylene wrapping film
Crispywrap® perforated "breathing film" for packaging hot crusty breads and baked goods
Cryolite® packaging film
Cryovac Barrier Bag® oxygen barrier, vacuum shrink bags
Cryovac Case Ready packaging systems for centrally packaged fresh meats
Cryovac Market-Ready® packaging materials and equipment
Cryovac Slicepak® packaging materials for food products
Cryovac® specialty packaging materials and systems
CRYOVAC BDF® oxygen barrier shrink films
Cryovac OSB® specialty packaging materials and systems
Cryovac Pizzafresh® packaging materials
Cryovac Roboloader® packaging system
Cushionshield aluminum air cellular laminate bags
Custom Wrap wadding materials
Darfresh® vacuum-skin packaging films and equipment
DLS absorbent pads for food packaging
Dolphin® packaging materials
Dolphin Pad foam laminate wrap
Dri-Loc® meat, fish and poultry absorbent pads
Dri-Pak absorbent cushioned pads and/or bags
Fill-Air® inflatable packaging system
Fill-Air Elite inflatable packaging system
Flow Rite® packaging foam
GFlex® packaging foam
Impact packaging film
Instafill® packaging foam
Instaflex packaging foam
Instamate® packaging films
Instamolder automated cushion-molding system
Instapacker® foam-in-bag packaging system
Instapacker® packaging film
Instapad® air cellular packaging materials
Instapak® foam-in-place packaging foam and systems
Instapak Quick® foam-in-bag packaging foam and systems
Instasheeter high speed converting system
Instaslitter roll material slitter
Intact® packaging films and equipment
Jiffy Mailer® protective shipping products
Jiffy Packer® paper packaging system
Jiffy Padwrap® paper cushioning sheets
Jiffy Premium Pad® paper cushioned materials
Jiffy Rigi Bag® mailers
Jiffy® protective mailers
Jiffylite® cushioned mailers
Jiffywrap packaging materials
Korrvu® suspension and retention packaging
Kushion Kraft® indented paper packaging
Lab Pak® moisture proof tamper-evident mailers
LabelLok® packaging materials and equipment
Lidsys packaging systems and materials
Lite-Loc® meat,fish & poultry absorbent pad
Lok-Sur® tamper-evident closure
Mail Lite® air cellular cushioned mailers
MailTuff® mailers
Micro-Loc dual oven deli pad
MightySeal technology
MilFlex military specification packaging foam
MilForce military specification packaging foam
NewAir I.B.® inflatable cushioning systems
Newvac® packaging machinery
Opti® packaging films
OSB® packaging systems and materials
Packforum® food marketing and packaging exhibition center and seminars
Pad-Loc processor pad
PriorityPak® automated packaging system
Protec® tamper-evident closure
Quick Pouch cushioned packaging material
Quicksilver cohesive-coated laminate polyethylene foam
Ready-To-Roll® air cellular cushioning dispenser carton
Reflectix® insulation materials
Reflex high barrier food packaging bulk pouches
Shanklin® packaging machinery
Shanklin Edge packaging machinery
Shanklin Horizon packaging machinery
Shrinkvac® vacuum shrink packaging films
ShurTuff® durable mailers
Simple Steps® heat and serve food packaging
Slicepak® packaging for food products
SmartPak® wrapping &packaging materials
Smartwire packaging machinery
Sparklewrap® wrapping material
SpeedyPacker® foam-in-bag packaging film and equipment
SpeedyPacker Insight® opackaging system
Stratocell® polyethylene fabrication foams
Supa-Loc® meat, fish &poultry absorbent pad
Supermicro® microperforated films for bread packing
TBG® abuse resistant packaging materials for food products
TempShield reflective foil air cellular insulation
TempShield-MFL reflective air cellular insulation
Thermarite® absorbent and refrigerant pads
TM Ply® thermoformable laminate sheets for food packaging
Trifresh vacuum skin packaging
TuffGard® cushioned mailers
TuffGard Extreme cushioned mailers
UltraLite® heat and serve food packaging
Ultraseal® packaging system
Vanguard Premium moving and storage blankets
Void Kraft paper packaging material
Xenith packaging films